I Love What You Do.

Welcome! My name is Christopher Clark. I’m a web designer, marketer and chief bottle-washer here at I Love What You Do.

I’ll be using this blog to share tips, trick, and practical advice to build and blossom your business on the world wide web. Whether you’re a client, a newsletter subscriber, or someone just passing through, I hope you find these electronic missives valuable!

But for this first post, I’ll tell you a bit about myself and the road that led me here.

My passions growing up were art and music. I started working as a graphic artist during college, though I studied music as a major.

I worked as a composer, conductor, arranger and performer for about a decade and took up a job in high-end audio/video sales to make ends meet. The job also afforded me opportunities to design – acoustic, interior, point-of-purchase displays, then interface and logic design for home automation systems. It was at that point that I began practicing web design (waaay back in 1996. Who remembers GeoCities? GeoCities, anyone? Bueller?).

I left sales and worked as a freelancer in web design, as well as in-house at a marketing company and a technology group as a strategic designer and developer. Marketing, copy writing, photography, video, and voice-over are other specialties.

So here I am today, with going on 24 years of experience helping individuals, businesses, and organizations succeed online.

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