A solid branding strategy communicates the “what” and “how”, but most importantly, the “why” of your business. The written content communicates your philosophy and the visual design ties it all together. At the center of the design system sits the logo. Clarity and attractiveness are important aspects, but an underlying message within the logo design adds depth to a brand. This is our story.

The looped square is an ancient symbol found in many parts the world and holds many different meaning. The meaning we choose is “command”. Command of the web, of skills, of time and budget.
The heart not only symbolizes love, but also empathy, understanding, and commitment. Empathy for the website owner’s needs and visitor’s experiences, understanding the goals at hand, and commitment to excellence.
Combined, they create the Looped Heart – communicating command, commitment, empathy and understanding. We love what you do.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about us. We know we will have a wonderful experience working with you.

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