WordPress Backups.

Why is a WordPress Backup Important?

Any website, even a well-protected one, can crash or be infected with malware. The potential loss of your website and data is of real concern.

What to do?

A complete backup of your website and data is the ultimate solution in the unlikely event that your site goes offline.

Depending on the Maintenance Plan you choose, these copies of your site are either stored at the hosting data center, and/or on a cloud-based platform.

Your site is regularly backed up to give you peace of mind, even in the most dire situations.

WordPress Backup FAQ

Websites are backed up daily, regardless of the WordPress Maintenance plan you choose.

For the Essential and Premium Pans, backups are kept on a separate server at the datacenter. Backups for the Ultimate plan are kept both at the datacenter, as well as on a Cloud-based service.

Each daily backup is kept for 30 days.

Yes! Sites on the Ultimate Plan are stored both on a seperate server at the datatcenter, as well as on a Cloud-based service.

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