WordPress Maintenance.

Time to Lean, Time to Clean.
WordPress development is always on the move — constantly evolving, adding new features and security measures. WordPress platform and plugin updates are fundamental to keeping your website safe and secure.
What Maintenance Plans Achieve.
The goal of WordPress Maintenance is to guarantee your site will function properly and look fantastic now and into the future, regardless of WordPress, Theme, or Plugin updates.
What I do.
WordPress Maintenance FAQ.

I maintain your website’s appearance and functionality now, and into the future.

  • I address your website’s behavior in all major browsers.
  • I fix bugs and conflicts and other issues related to WordPress platform, theme, and plugin updates.
  • I maintain your website’s appearance and functionality in all major devices, including mobile phones and tablet computers.
  • All major browsers with official support up to two versions back, with older browser version support at your request.
  • All major device types: phones, tablets, and desktop PCs on Windows, Android, and Mac platforms.

Absolutely! I perform database optimizations on the first of every month.

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