WordPress Security.

I take security extremely seriously and use a multifaceted approach to assure that your site, data, and business are fully protected from hackers, spam, downtime, and data loss.
The Security Formula.
  • High Level power redundancy with multiple power feeds, onsite power generators, and enterprise-class UPS systems.
  • Hardware redundancy with onsite replacement parts and spare servers ready to go at a moments notice.
  • Unique account isolation that prevents a hacked site from infecting others.
  • Lightning-fast server monitoring that fixes outage and overload problems in less than a second. The average uptime over the last three years is 99.996%.
  • Anti-Hack systems based around Web Application Firewalls to protect your site from possible attacks.
  • Proactive server security software updates and multiple custom security patches.
  • Advanced Spam protection.
  • Regular automatic and manual data backups, with free restores.
  • Free Malware cleanups and site restores.
Security Disclaimer:
While I aggressively pursue tactics that dramatically reduce the chances that your site will be hacked or infected with malware, there is unfortunately no way for any website to have 100% protection. This is why I include rock-solid backups and recovery solutions to cover all the bases.
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