WordPress Updates.

Keeping Up with the Neighbors.
WordPress Built-In Security Improvements.
WordPress features security updates rolled out by their parent company, Automattic. Keeping up-to-date with these security and functionality updates is the foundation of effective WordPress security.
WordPress Theme & Plugin Updates.
Additionally, WordPress Themes and Plugins also provide security updates. These third-party security patches are highly effective at closing holes and eliminating vulnerabilities to the WordPress database that stores the information you website utilizes.
WordPress Update Frequency.
I generally update the WordPress platform, Themes, and Plugins on the first of each month. There are two exceptions to this rule:
  1. Security updates to the WordPress core are installed the day they are released.

  2. Major updates that make additional changes to the WordPress core are delayed for two weeks in order to test for potential software conflicts and functionality issues before the update is performed. Once vetted, the update is installed and the routine update schedule resumes.
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