Web Design.

An effective website must not only be attractive and brand-reinforcing, but also blistering fast, logically structured, and offer visitors an easy to use, engaging experience. My tried and true process directly tackles these challenges from the very beginning.

The Web Design Process:

(Measure Twice, Cut Once)
1. Discovery.
I’ll ask Intensive questions to uncover why you need a new website and exactly what goals you want to achieve with your project, as well as study your competition.
2. The Sitemap.
I create a visual sitemap to determine what we need to communicate and the best way to structure the information. This is the sitemap for I Love What You Do.
3. The Prototype.
Using the information gathered and the site map, I’ll build an interactive prototype to refine the visitor experience. This is the prototype for Laughing Buddha Bodywork.
4. Design.
Next, I’ll bring the prototype to life with aesthetics to match your brand. Here is the completed site for Laughing Buddha Bodywork.
5. Optimization.
I thoroughly test your new site, install any necessary plugins, and perform final optimizations for performance and compatibility.
6. Delivery.
I create a backup of your site, deploy it to your host (or, even better, my hosting), configure settings, and bring it to life online.
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