Web Development.

For projects that don’t require a back-end database, or are better served by ultra-lightweight front-end code, I offer custom built solutions.
Cutting-Edge Code.
With HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, I can scratch-build you a lightning fast website, landing page, or sales funnel. I also offer code fixes for your current website for all three languages.
Responsive, Mobile-First CSS Tools.
I utilize Twitter Bootstrap 4 and Zurb Foundation 6, the most modern, up-to-date CSS Frameworks available, and Mozilla Flexbox, the most advanced CCS development module. In tandem, they form the basis of the static sites I build — flexible, speedy, and future-proof.
Total Browser Compatibility.
All websites I create — whether custom-coded or built with WordPress — are compatible with all major browsers. I also provide backwards compatibility as an additional service.
Virtual Private Network.
When I transfer your files and data to and from the hosting servers during website construction, I use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) — a totally secure data connection. All of your information is protected from hackers and prying eyes.
Secure Applications.
Likewise, I use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) tools that reinforce security while transferring data to and from traditional servers as well as cloud-based storage systems.
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